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Finding the right IT support in Atlanta can be a minefield. Digital Dynamics aim is to simplify the process and maintain your IT systems with reliable, efficient and affordable IT support options that suit your business.

Service & Support Contracts

Digital Dynamics IT support contracts are flexible and designed for businesses of all sizes. We can support your organization with daily, weekly, or monthly service contracts that fit within your budget. Don’t hire a full-time person when a “part-time” person might accomplish your business goals and help keep costs down.

Support options allow for response times as fast as 2 hours anywhere in Atlanta depending on the status of the issue for which a call out is needed. We work with you to determine the priority of your call so that the fix time agreed is relevant to your business. It is quite normal that a particular problem may not be a Priority 1 issue today but might just need resolution by the end of the week due to deadlines.

Software & Hardware Maintenance Updates

Software and hardware updates are released all the time. Most organizations we visit have never applied any updates to their critical software since installing it many months or even years ago. This includes weekly anti-virus updates, frequent security updates for Windows 2000 Server or Windows 2000 Professional and XP, etc.

Healh Checks for Servers and Desktops

Health Checks are a vital part of keeping your IT equipment running at peek performance. Digital Dynamics offers Health Checks on a monthly or quarterly basis and this service provides you with documentation on existing issues and fixes. These Health Checks can also include the check up of printers and other network devices such as switches, routers, and firewalls. Of course, Digital Dynamics will help implement solutions based on the results of each Health Check.

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