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A good service partner maximizes your uptime

Digital Dynamics Response can provide you with outstanding technical service & support. A group of talented experts is available to assist you. With technical expertise in all major operating systems, and the capability to work on virtually any type of hardware, DDR’s technical team can cover your service needs.

When you want quick response, you can rely on DDR. Our goal is to restore your system as rapidly as possible to maximize uptime, and minimize downtime. We measure our success by how well we meet your needs.

Your first line of support

You can phone DDR for service on DDR’s direct hotline that is set up exclusively for our contract customers. Your representative will quick match your request with the appropriate technical expert. Should you have an equipment or network failure, we will help you through it and work until the problem is resolved.

Solutions at your door

When you have a need service at your location, you can request on-site support for DDR. We can dispatch an engineer to your location to get your system up & running again. (Standard with a hardware maintenance agreement). If you are planning to relocate your office, we can assist you with disconnecting and reinstalling your network and other computer equipment.

Service agreements tailored to meet your needs

DDR is unique in offering service agreements with optimum flexibility to meet the budgeting and scheduling requirements of any organization. You can choose from On-Site Flat Rate, Depot Flat Rate, Contract times, and Customized service. These service agreements enhance the manufacturers’ warranties by providing locally stocked parts, faster turnarounds which guarantee the service and you in demand today.

On-Site Flat Rate

On-site flat rate service includes parts, labor and travel costs. You know what your bottom line is and you can budget accordingly. You can pay on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

Depot Flat Rate

Ship you computer systems to our location and you can pay a flat rate on parts and labor. You can use depot service as an alternative to on-site service or for non-critical systems.

Customized Service

Often your hardware and networking environments demand a customized solution. DDR can help you define service needs for special situations as well as critical and non-critical needs.


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