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Anti-Virus & Security

Digital Dynamics will conduct an assessment of your desktops and servers to build an inventory of the software installed and their configuration. When we do this we take particular care to identify the IT security environment surrounding your network.

  • Do you have a broadband connection?
  • Is it protected by a suitable industrial strength firewall?
  • Is the firewall current with the relevant IT security updates?
  • Are your desktops and servers running industrial quality anti-virus protection?
  • Is your anti-virus software regularly updated (at least every week - optimally daily)?
  • Is the anti-virus update procedure automated?
  • Are appropriate measures taken to alert you to intruder attacks?
  • Would you know if a hacker was regularly compromising the IT security of your network?
  • Are any of these concerns documented or recorded?

Online Backup, Archive and Disaster Recovery

Where would your business be if a fire or flood destroyed all of your computers and servers during the night? Remember that fires and floods also destroy paperwork so relying on hard copy backups isn't always fool proof. Burning your files to a CD-R is wholly inadequate as a backup strategy, and if you are still using floppy disks you're in serious trouble!

It is still a fact that the majority of companies do not have a comprehensive backup or disaster recover plan or procedure. If you do not plan for it now, you'll have nothing to work from in the event of a real disaster.

Given that most of your crucial data is stored on a computer, it is probably time to consider implementing a rock solid backup strategy with clearly designed procedures and documentation. A backup strategy is the heart of a feasibly disaster recovery plan.

As part of our support of your IT systems you can opt for Backup & Disaster Recovery (BDR) software or even online backup where you actually backup your data online over the internet. Online backup is fast becoming the backup method of choice for companies as it has relatively low setup and management costs. As your data is backed up across the Internet you can have peace of mind that a copy of all your data exists elsewhere in case of disaster.

Don't worry about it all sounding complex, time consuming and jargonized. We'll do all the work for you, document it, explain what we have done and why in plain English and define clear procedures to follow in the event of data loss or a disaster. Remember that it may cost you more than ten times as much (if not everything) to evoke a non existent disaster recovery scenario after a disaster. So think about it now.



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