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With some members of our staff having Microsoft experience all the way back to MS-DOS 2.11 (circa 1983) and Windows/286 (circa 1989), we draw on a long history of implementing Microsoft products. While we recommend and support the newest Microsoft operating systems and applications today, our experience gives us the ability to integrate and support legacy Microsoft products as well.


As an Avast partner since early 2009, we're experts at protecting diverse networks from virus threats. Avast product suites incorporate the latest antivirus technologies for desktops, servers, and mail gateways in a single affordable package - keeping Avast high on our list of favorite antivirus software vendors. For more information on Avast Products please visit their website at


Digital Dynamics recommends, sells, and supports Symantec backup solutions. We know that no single part of an IT strategy holds more value than the data itself, so we recommend the very best products to protect it.


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